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Hannah is a ready to wear saree with blouse. 


SKU: Hannah
  • Saree: Georgette (Elasticated waist) 

    Border: hand embroided pearl & faux mirror work (please note that border work is subject to change slightly depending on what is available at point of order) 

    Blouse: cotton silk with same border work as saree 

  • Please note that age groups are estimates, refer to size breakdown for an accurate fitting. Please contact us if you require alterations, or changes in lengths. 


    Saree Saree blouse 

    Size: 2-3yo 


    Length: 20inch(waist down)

    Waist: 18inch (before elastic)

    Size: 2-3yo


    Length: 8.5inch

    Chest: 22inch



    Length: 22inch (waist down)

    Waist: 20.5inch (before elastic)

    Size: 4-5yo


    Length: 10inch

    Chest: 24



    Length: 24inch (waist down)

    Waist: 22.5inch (before elastic)

    Size: 6-7yo


    Length: 10.5inch

    Chest: 26inch



    Length: 26inch (waist down)

    Waist: 24inch (before elastic)

    Size: 8-9yo


    Length: 11inch

    Chest: 28inch



    Length: 28.5inch(waist down)

    Waist: 25inch (before elastic)

    Size: 10-11yo


    Length: 11.5inch

    Chest: 29inch



    Length: 30inch

    Waist: 26inch

    Size: 12-13yo


    Length: 12inch

    Chest: 30inch

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